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Wellness Tips » Good Health Tips

Spring Fatigue

Signs by which we recognize are: lack of energy, decreased exercise capacity, fatigue, lethargy and impaired concentration, all of which leads to a decline in operating performance. This can result to dissatisfaction, which increases anxiety, provokes the emergence of sleep disorders, which further enhances the sensation of fatigue. thus concluded a vicious circle from which long, we can not leave. This is joined ...

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  • Latest post: 26/11/2013 11:05
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Wellness Tips » Good Health Tips

Burnout Proceeds Various Periods And Phases Of Development

Problems start to resurface when we do not respect the warning signs at rest and still continue working in the same deployment. The essence of burnout lies in the gradual, creeping exhaustion due to long-term effects of stressful stimuli. The initial euphoria of work and their results gradually replacing the state of apathy and reluctance to do anything appears depression, feelings of low self-esteem and inner ...

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  • Latest post: 27/11/2013 12:16
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