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Types Of Respiratory Diseases

link this post written on 06/12/2013
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Types of respiratory diseases
There are two types of respiratory diseases those of infectious origin, such as pneumonia and colds and allergic origin, such as asthma and rhinitis among others.

The best known respiratory diseases are: http://www.reviewlity.com/category/general-health/tinnitus-help-guide/
ASTHMA: which is a chronic inflammatory disease and affects individuals of all ages

More specifically asthma is an inflammation of the bronchi suffering a narrowing of the walls by swelling caused by inflammation, by contraction of the muscles that are around the bronchi and increased sputum production

Bronchitis (or asthma)
It is a lung disease characterized by inflammation of the bronchi. There are other types of bronchitis, chronic bronchitis as the chain-smoking, acute catarrhal bronchitis (acute inflammation, but reversible, bronchi) and the latter, common in childhood.

It is known as a disease that comes from the cold in the winter because there is an increase in incidence, especially in the elderly, children and smokers.

This is an acute infection that can reach the lungs partially or fully and, if not handled well can lead to death.

RHINITIS It is an inflammation of the mucous membranes of the nose, usually chronic, and is almost always caused by allergies. It helps increase the occurrence of sinusitis and obits, in some cases contributing to the growth disharmonious facial skull.
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