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How important is proper breathing

link this post written on 05/12/2013
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How important is proper breathing - Good day. In today's article we will have about proper breathing or rather about proper breathing in everyday life. Any yoga coach will tell you that the main thing in yoga is breathing. All the rest is again but proper breathing is important for us not only in yoga, but also in everyday life. When you inhale into our body comes to us vital oxygen and exhale when the body is derived from carbon dioxide, which is very harmful for our body. Get your answers here

Harm improper breathing - But, despite the fact that breathing is an unconditioned reflex inherent in our Mother Nature, most of us still breathing is not correct. This is due to many factors - lifestyle, work habits, etc. Most of us breathe deeply and often. This can lead to oxygen starvation. But people often do not notice it until the effects of the oxygen deprivation that does not begin to interfere with his normal life.

Signs of oxygen starvation - The main signs of oxygen deficiency are frequent headaches, fatigue, nervousness and irritability, and attention span. And this in turn leads to problems at work and home. It was at this point, people begin to go to the pharmacy and drink various drugs that eliminate the symptoms, but do not eliminate the very cause of all these troubles.
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