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Basic Safety

link this post written on 03/12/2013
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Basic Safety
We all need basic security. Sometimes the question is: Can I be as I am?
 Joke Country
Joke Country

Then the basic security already compromised if you're wondering. Deeply the question is: Meet me? And that then? Yes, you may be there as you are.

The next question that there often follows is: Can I be like I am? And they love me as I am? Or do I have to do a little different and so I am to love? Find The Truth

Your own basic
In an earlier column, I wrote about the question: Can I belong? You get it all, all these questions are related. They are all about basic safety. The security that makes you feels you are on a base. A base that is solid, you can trust, a base that allows you to go explore and discover.

The base is bigger than both of your feet. The base should be as it were a great space around you in which you feel safe. Bigger than your skin we also sometimes say: how big is your second skin? That is the space that you have around you and that you can feel that it is your space.

Private security guard
Sometimes communication people come into your space. Can you clear them but certainly show that they are too much in your space? Or let them get really close and give you your own space?

Basic security, the security that you have in the base where you can fall yourself back
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