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The diet of low-fat is not making healthier Cholesterol and Fat

link this post written on 29/11/2013
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Others think that the problems stem more from the oxidation of cholesterol by free radicals than

 Presence cholesterol itself can both be true. In any case, that the diet of low-fat is not making healthier Cholesterol and Fat: Weight Gain and Weight Loss

Women are counted in thousands of ways that high fat diets cause weight gain.

This theory has spawned a whole industry of foods low in fat and diets. But the truth is that dietary fat does not cause weight gain.

Indeed, low fat diets are a most likely cause of weight gain, because they tend to emphasize carbohydrates and Trans fats (more on Trans fat at some point).

To learn more, read our article on weight gain.

Equally important, low cholesterol, low fat diets do not in themselves lead to weight loss.

Piece of control and elimination of sweets in the diet are very useful. But taking fats and cholesterol starves the body of the nutrients it really needs.

Your body goes into starvation mode slow down or even damage your metabolism, and converting every calorie you can find fat.

Behind what is saturated fat bad reputation?

There are medical studies that appear to show that saturated fat is unhealthy. They blame saturated fat for making platelets adhere to artery walls, increasing the levels of cholesterol in the blood and cause arteriosclerosis  And it's true that some people reduce their LDL ("bad") cholesterol levels and lose weight while avoiding saturated fat. But I think the answer is more complicated and individual.
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