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Exhausted workaholic cannot keep pace deployed

link this post written on 28/11/2013
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After a period of success, which brings more work pace, always takes a break and work efficiency is reduced. Exhausted workaholic cannot keep pace deployed. Then there are the offices of psychologists and come to ask how to improve their performance, because they need to concentrate and worsens their short-term memory. What did early hour, now takes them two to three.

Their performance decreases lack of rest, but that the situation is really serious, you never allow it. In his pace disallow collapse and end up in the hospital. Once they feel better, they want to return to work as soon as possible and think that they can do everything themselves. But breakdowns are repeated until there is all-out exhaustion of the body both physically and mentally end up residency in psychiatry. In the first phase serves sedatives and antidepressants to calm the mind. Get an effective solution here http://www.reviewlity.com/page/2/

This is just the beginning. Workaholic must get rid of the primary problems that triggered the addiction to him like an unhealthy approach to each other or to the world or messy relationships. This is followed by cessation - controlled descent. It is a controlled way to a voluntary temperance, which is manifested as a result of simplifying life, gradual reduction of time spent, the rejection of higher rank, or even a descent to a more suitable position. To understand that work is not everything, workaholics are running very painful - usually through the collapse and finding they work except there was nothing left. Then usually reach for alcohol or substance abuse and other addictions fall.
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