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Spring Fatigue

link this post written on 26/11/2013
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Signs by which we recognize are: lack of energy, decreased exercise capacity, fatigue, lethargy and impaired concentration, all of which leads to a decline in operating performance. This can result to dissatisfaction, which increases anxiety, provokes the emergence of sleep disorders, which further enhances the sensation of fatigue. thus concluded a vicious circle from which long, we can not leave.

This is joined by the drop in resistance, which is recognizable by the fact that we get sick more often (at that time the most common viral infections). For all these inconveniences, which we germinate the joy of awakening life around us, is the cause of lack of vitamins, minerals, trace elements, and other bioactive substances, which in the meantime to reach culmination. Prolonged lack of these protective substances promotes the development of civilization diseases (cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, hypertension, dyslipidaemia, obesity ...). Check This

During the summer and during the autumn is available to offer a rich variety of fruits and vegetables that can be eaten regularly Fresh harvested. In late autumn, winter, and spring in the first half, but the fresh fruit and vegetables significantly less, and we are forced to enjoy the fruits of nature, which are mostly brought from far away, from warmer places.

Due to the long journey to reach us, these fruits are harvested significantly before the optimum reached maturity, and as a result, poorer with vitamins and other biologically relevant substances, as compared with the freshly picked fruit. Their biological value further reduce long-term travel and storage. The high price of these products is forcing us to limiting this kind of food on the menu. using up stocks of these biologically important substances in the body does not produce only due to reduced intake, but also due to their higher consumption during the winter months.
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