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Hyper hydrosols: Excessive sweating

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Hyper hydrosols: Excessive sweating

Hyper hydrosols: Excessive sweating
If you sweat more than you want

Everyone sweats, but if you sweat a lot, we call this excessive sweating. Effortlessly Many sweating is often tedious and unpleasant due to the large amount of moisture and the smell of sweat. Sometimes it is just sweating of the hands, feet or armpits. Sometimes also to the whole body EFFECTIVE TREATMENTS OF CELLULITE

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People with hyper hydrosols sweating much more than is necessary in order to keep their body temperature. constant In some people's innate hyper hydrosols, but it manifests itself only from puberty. There may also be a nerve disorder that occurs later in life. Yet there are also many people who sweat excessively without an identifiable cause. When sweat glands all over the body excessively active, the cause is usually at an underlying problem. You can think of obesity, the transition (chronic) infection, hormonal diseases, cancer, or use of certain drugs. Hyper hydrosols can also occur under the influence of psychological factors.

Excessive sweating and hyper hydrosols can recognize much sweat without effort. You have constantly damp hands or feet, and your clothes are often damp patches visible, especially under the arms and on the back.


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