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Floaters Are Tiny Lumps Of Gel Or Cells

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Floaters Are Tiny Lumps Of Gel Or Cells

In fact, the floaters are tiny lumps of gel or cells into the vitreous body, the gelatinous fluid that fills the interior of the eye.

These objects give the impression of being in front of the eye, but are actually floating inside. What you see are the shadows cast on the retina, the bottom layer of the eye that senses light and sends the light stimulus to the brain. BACTERIAL VAGINOSIS ARCHIVE

Floaters can take many forms, as small dots, circles, lines, clouds or cobwebs.

A common cause of floaters is posterior vitreous detachment, which can occur as a degenerative process associated with aging.

What causes floaters?
The process results in thickening or contraction of the vitreous gel, forming clumps or strands inside the eye.

By moving away from the posterior wall of the eye, the vitreous gel causes what is known as posterior vitreous detachment.
The Posterior vitreous detachment occurs more frequently in patients with myopia in patients undergoing cataract surgery or YAG laser application, and those who have suffered some type of eye inflammation.

Floaters are serious?
The “floaters "become more frequent as we age Not all the  floaters  are severe.

The appearance of floaters may cause some concern, especially if they appear suddenly.

The contraction of the vitreous gel, and their consequent expulsion of the ocular wall, may cause a retinal tear. This sometimes leads to a small bleeding into the vitreous cavity, which can be evidenced in the form of new floaters.


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